Monday, August 30, 2010

Fire! Fire! 6th Birthday

Today are my sons 6th birthday. Our theme was firefighter. I made the cake & the firetruck pinata. It was a lot of fun & hard work. Seeing the looks on their faces made my day. 
1st firetruck cake
Celebrating early with daddy 
(he had to leave for training)
Close-up of 2nd firetruck cake

My twins blowing out the candles (Their sister is in the pink shirt)

Firetruck cake
Side of cake
Firetruck Pinata

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

9th Anniversary Cake--Love's Harbor, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010 marked my 9th wedding anniversary. This is the cake I made to commemorate it.This was carrot cake with orange-cream cheese icing. It was soooo good and moist too. Cream cheese icing is really hard to smooth. I really love turquoise & brown.
Front view
Ariel/Top View
Color flow doves-closeup

Jacksonville Jaguar--June 30, 2010

This was a golf-bag birthday cake for my hubby who is a die-hard Jacksonville Jaguar fan. He was turning 29 (June 30, 2010) .Sadly, my cake ended up looking more like a gym bag instead. Better luck next time...
Front view
Side view #1
Side view #2--Pocket
Close-up of Logo--hand carved
I hand-carved the logo. It took 4 different tries to do so. I think I did really good.

Mother's Day, Leopard Print Purse Cake May 2010

Front of Cake

This was my Mother's Day cake that I made for myself. This was my first purse cake, gum-paste shoe & lipstick. It took 17 hrs to do, but well worth it. 
Back of cake & shoe
Ariel view
Freshly baked cake--Leopard print
Bottom of freshly baked cake
Inside of Cake--Leopard print

Cheeseburgers, Anyone?

These are mini-cheeseburger cupcakes that I did just for fun. I made 24 of these...


I made these for my kids just for fun. As you can tell white icing is imperative when making spongebob. I was too lazy to make white icing.

Pot Luck Puppy & Roses Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for a potluck in April 2010.

Pups & Roses


Monday, August 9, 2010

Redskins Football Field Cake

Made this for a friends surprise birthday. he is a die-hard redskins fan, December 2009.

Preggo Baby shower Cake

I made this for my hubby's co-worker who was throwing a surprised baby shower for her friend.

Monogram Cupcakes

Made these monogram cupcakes for a friend of mines who was starting his own online radio show. The flavor is lemon cupcakes W/lemon butter cream icing.

Thanksgiving 2009

I made this 2 tier Thanksgiving cake to celebrate Thanksgiving & my mother-in-law's birthday.
Fondant Turkey's, pumpkins & corn on the cob

Halloweeen 2009

I made these gross cupcakes & cookies for my husband's Halloween potluck.

Cross Cake

This was a practice cross cake that I did. I was asked to make a cake for my neighbor's church event. November 2009~

Mom's 50th--Chocolate with Chocolate Roses

50th birthday cake for my mom, Nov. 2009. This was my very first chocolate butter cream roses. My mom is an avid chocolate lover and she wanted chocolate everything. I've gotten a lot better with my BC roses. The sides are done in basket weave.

Chocolate Butterflies--August 2009

These were my practice butterflies that I made. I made these  a week ahead b/c I was planning on making my little cousin butterfly cupcakes for her August 19, 2009 birthday. 

Westie Terrier Cupcakes

I wanted to try making puppy cupcakes and these were the 1st ones I've made. Westie Terrier cupcakes September 2009.
The Best One from this bunch

It was really HOT in my kitchen & these pups started melting

Pot Luck Basketweave Cake

This butter flavored, basket weave cake was done for my hubby's 1st potluck at his job. This cake was the 1st of many potluck cakes/cupcakes...